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All work guaranteed in writing for six months

International Harvester, Ford, Marvel Schebler, Deere, Oliver, Minneapolis, New Zenith British Zenith, Zenith Viton, more.
New Zenith
British Zenith
Military Jeeps
Marine Carbs
Continental, Hercules, David Brown, AC, Buda, Cockshutt 30-40-50 gas, Cockshutt 30-40 diesel, Coop E3-E4-E5, Cockshutt 550 and 570 gas/diesel, more.
Rebuilding Rebuilding Kits

Pertronix Electronic Ignitions

Specializing in new and rebuilt carburetors and water pumps for hard to find domestic and foreign tractors and industrial engines. Including: Cockshutt, David Brown, Hercules, and British Ferguson
Pertronix Electronic Ignition - Distributor Rebuilding

Allis Chalmers Cockshutt Ford John Deere International
Pertronix Electronic Ignition

Pertronix Electronic Ignitions replace point and consers in your distributor, resulting in instant starting, flawless performance and NO TUNE-UPS!

Pertronix Electronix Ignition

Pertronix Electronic Ignition
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Distributor Rebuilding

Distributor Rebuilding
Ford and Autolite
Ignition Options

1. Points and Condensor

2. 6-Volt Positive Ground Electronic

3. 12-Volt Negative Ground Electronic

$20.00/hour plus parts
Ford Distributor
Ford Tractors
Ford Industrial Engines
Autolite Distributor
Various Tractor
and Industrial Engines

Military Jeeps and Generators
Military Jeeps
and Generators

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Farmer's Service, Inc.
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All work guaranteed in writing for six months
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