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Specializing in new and rebuilt carburetors and water pumps for hard to find domestic and foreign tractors and industrial engines. Including: Cockshutt, David Brown, Hercules, and British Ferguson
New Zenith Carburetors

Carburetors are devices that mix fuel and air for combustion. On an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline, it mixes air and fuel at a ratio of 14 parts air to one part fuel. Because of design differences, all engines move different amounts of air even if they are the same size. Calibration at the carburetor involves measuring the air flow at all engine speeds and fueling that flow in as many steps as necessary to maintain a 14:1 ratio at all times. Throttle shafts are designed to work with the speed control governor for that engine. Levers are stamped and riveted to the shafts. The carburetor is then tagged for that engine and no other.

Over the years it has become more profitable to build and sell one carburetor that replaces many. These are called Universal Service Carburetors. They are fuel calibrated to no specific engine. The throttle shafts are generic with levers held on with threaded nuts so that angles and lengths can be established for proper governor operation.

NO Universal Service Carburetors are listed on this page!

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Model Zenith Part Number Price
9N-2N-8N 13876 $192.58
Golden Jubilee-NAA 13879 $197.49
2000 Early 13915 $406.87
2000 Late 13913 $341.87
3000 Early 13916 $410.40
3000 Late 13914 $345.40

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